Javascript Tagalog — Тернарный оператор

Disclaimer: This is a Blog i made with the intention of reinforcing my knowledge in javascript. I just thought sharing my blogs might be helpful for someone since they are written in tagalog (mostly in informal style). Incase of Misinformation I won't be responsible for it and if you have the time you can comment on the blog to address the mistake. Rest assured I'm always trying my best to be as accurate as possible

Ano ngaba ang Ternary Operator?
Yung ternary operator para lang siyang minifed if else statement na may expression output… i think… Wag na i over think pa.



Цепочка троичных операторов

как случайный разработчик javascript, предложите мне на ваг лаги цепочку троичных операторов tignan niyo naman sobrang baba ng readability points.

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